Who says fast food isn't healthy!

about our company

sushi runner breaks away from the traditional model of japanese restaurants. we have created a casual, relaxed and fun ambiance, perfect for those seeking for new falvors and experience, far from stereotypes, while enjoying healthy and delicious japanese fusion food.

sushi runner's mission

in sushi runner, to provide the best service in our industry and unify our family to accomplish our goal of being the best and well suited remodeled contemporary japanese restaurant in the occident, we use the finest ingredients to satisfy our customer's desires and particular tastes. the following principles will help us reach our goals and grow as a unique form of restaurant:

  • emphasize on healthy preparations of gourmet delights.
  • provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect.
  • deliver to homes and business quality food beautifully presented.
  • provide a casual and relax ambiance without excluding the elegant décor of the japanese culture.
  • apply the highest standards in customer expectation.
  • grow a healthier world by providing the finest ingredients in our table.
  • be aware that profitability is essential to our future success.


one evening at a sushi bar could add years to your life…

a few years ago people started being aware that eating three times a day was not enough for a healthier and longer life. we started noticing that there was not many places were you could have a balanced healthy meal. here at sushi runner, we have created a casual relaxed and fun ambiance, perfect for people who are looking for a new experience and new flavors, far away from stereotypes and who like healthy and delicious food. our presentation should always be breathtaking to look as well as to eat it is a manifestation of the way we elegantly arrange food to enhance its natural beauty.

career opportunities

we want to expand and be available to everyone who likes and would like to adopt a healthier life style with low and affordable prices, that is our long term goal as a company and as a team. with onsite training, you can be part of our company, you only need desire to work. fax your job application to us at 305.500.9075. we will include a personalized one as soon as possible. you care about your job. we care about you.
it's as simple as that.

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